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National Popular Vote

Imagine that Coloradans cast 70% of their votes for Presidential candidate A and 30% of their votes for candidate B.  Today, candidate A would rightly receive Colorado’s 9 electoral votes.  But what if candidate A only receives 49.9% of the national popular vote while candidate B receives 50.1%.  Under the national popular vote compact, which was approved by your state legislature in 2019 and signed into law by your Governor, Colorado’s 9 electoral votes would go to candidate B.  What happened to your right to have your vote for President count?  Your current elected officials are trying to give it away.

“One person – one vote” has an emotional appeal that sounds very logical.  The supporters of using the national popular vote as the basis to allocate Colorado’s electoral votes to determining who wins Presidential elections miss the key point.  The United States of America is a union of States.  Our government is structured such that those rights and responsibilities not delegated to the Federal government under the U.S. Constitution are reserved to the States or the People.  The Constitution specifically guarantees to each State a republican form of government.  The Electoral College provides the one person – one vote within each individual State desired by the supporters of the national popular vote.  The Electoral College balances the competing needs and desires of the large and the small States, which was essential to the original approval of the U.S. Constitution and the formation of our country.  The Electoral College has worked without a constitutional crisis for 230 years. 

This is a “solution” in search of a problem.  I support your right to be fully and equally represented with the other 49 states in the election of the President of the United States by opposing Colorado’s participation in an unconstitutional national popular vote scheme.

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