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Gay Rights

During the last 50 years, the LGBTQ community has gained significant public acceptance.  In a country of over 300 million people, there are only a small number of cases reported concerning denial of service by retail establishments and these involve religious objections to providing services in the support of same-sex relationships.  There are virtually no reported cases of simple refusal to deal with LGBTQ individuals.  The Human Rights Campaign reports that 89% of Fortune 500 companies have policies prohibiting the consideration of sexual orientation in employment decisions.  Competition for customers and high performing employees has largely driven this change.  Today, because of the fundamental conflict between the desires of the LGBTQ community and the religious beliefs of some individuals, there are calls for increased sexual orientation and gender identity anti-discrimination laws.  Legislating rights for one group by taking away rights from another group is a slippery slope that is fundamentally contrary to the basis for the founding of the United States.   Today’s majority can easily become tomorrow’s minority.

My son is a member of the LGBTQ community as a gay man. I understand the emotional struggles of accepting yourself and then the fear of not gaining the acceptance of others.  The good news for the LGBTQ community is that society is accepting as fellow Americans.  Before government intervention can be justified on any cause, there must be a documented need.  If that need is established, then two questions should be asked:  1) is the need of such magnitude and extent to warrant government attention and 2) is a government response required or are social, economic, and cultural forces sufficient to address the needs on their own?  If it is determined that there is a need that warrants government action, then that action should be nuanced and tailored to address the specific documented need while also respecting the rights of conscience, religion and speech of others.  I support all who identify as LGBTQ and I understand the challenges you face.  I believe a societal response is always the most efficient and effective solution to a societal issue.  Thankfully, Americans have become accepting of your community without significant government intervention.  

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